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Talkeetna Layover Ideas &
Things to Do in Talkeetna

Do you have a layover, overnight, day trip, or an extended stay in Talkeetna and the surrounding area? Why not get out and take in some Talkeetna activities? We have 7 tour ideas.

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Air Tours

Denali National Park Flightseeing Tour from Talkeetna

Talkeetna, USA
Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
Priced From: USD 220.50

Journey into the remote Alaskan wilderness on this incredible flightseeing tour of Denali from Talkeetna. Soar high above the granite peaks, glaciers and cascading icefalls of Denali National Park, and admire geological formations such as the Great Gorge of Ruth Glacier, Kahiltna Glacier and the... Read More

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Air Tours

Denali Experience Flightseeing Tour

Talkeetna, USA
Duration: Flexible
Priced From: USD 232.10

This tour takes you within 6 miles of Denali's north summit (19,470 ft.) and south summit (20,320 ft.). You will enter an ancient world of rugged high mountain peaks, towering snow-capped mountains and glacier-filled valleys and explore the south and east faces of Denali. The regular flightseeing tour is 1 hour, or choose the glacier landing option for a 1.5 hour tour including a landing atop a glacier. This is truly a... Read More

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Air Tours

Denali Grand Tour

Talkeetna, USA
Duration: Flexible
Priced From: USD 342.88

See Mt. McKinley from all sides during your flight - North, South, East &amp; West<strong>.</strong> Soar over Kahiltna Pass after seeing the Climber's Base Camp at the 7,200 foot level of the Kahiltna Glacier. Discover McKinley's famous West Buttress Climbing Route. Cross over the divide of the Alaska Range into a different world filled with alpine tundra and fewer glaciers. View the immense Wickersham Wall -... Read More

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Air Tours

Denali Flyer Tour

Talkeetna, USA
Duration: Flexible
Priced From: USD 300.68

Talkeetna has skyscrapers of granite and ice instead of steel. Denali, Mt. Hunter and Mt. Foraker tower above the other peaks of the Alaska Range, forming our northern horizon. Cruise up the Kahiltna glacier, right over the climbers' base camp at 7,200 ft., and wind between these giant peaks catching breathtaking views of Denali above and Denali's most popular climbing route, the West Buttress Route below. <br... Read More

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Air Tours

Explore Denali

Talkeetna, USA
Duration: 75 minutes
Priced From: USD 260.00

Explore Denali 1.2  Tour is 1hour 15min floatplane ride over Denali National Park. You are in for an unforgettable flight from a Bald Eagle's perspective. Prepare yourself for staggering views of a surreal landscape, with glaciers, ice falls, and sheer granite walls. This amazing flight will leave you speechless. Our flight seeing tours can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

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Float Trips

Talkeetna River Float Trip

Talkeetna, USA
Duration: 2 hours
Priced From: USD 75.00

Set out on a leisurely 2-hour float along Alaska's Talkeetna River. Learn about the area's flora, fauna, and history from your expert guide as you float 7 miles (11 km) past stunning mountain scenery. Spot beaver lodges, view untouched boreal forest, marvel at peaceful riverside beaches, and keep an eye out for local wildlife — including bald eagles, grizzlies and moose.

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Boreal Forest Zipline adventure with breathtaking views of Denali

Talkeetna, USA
Duration: 3 hours
Priced From: USD 149.00

Just outside of historical Talkeetna, Alaska, catch views of the magnificent south side of Denali as you traverse down a ridge line through an enchanting boreal forest. On the platforms, take in the entire Alaska Range overlooking the Susitna and Chulitna Valleys. Explore and interact with... Read More

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